How to Put Kinesiology Tape on Your Hamstrings

What are hamstrings muscles?

Kinesiology tape hamstrings is a type of tape that relieves muscle pain in the legs. The hamstrings are a group of muscles located at the back of the thigh. It is very important for stabilizing the knee joint and plays an important role during movement. However, it is also a relatively injury-prone muscle due to frequent use.

How to prevent and treat hamstrings muscles?

The cause of hamstring pain is muscle injury, which is mainly caused by two conditions, one is delayed onset muscle pain, and the other is muscle strain.

Delayed onset muscle pain usually occurs 2-3 days after exercise and the muscle pain is still intense. This condition mainly occurs when the muscle is slightly torn, with strains causing more pain and the worst strains involving a complete tear in the muscle.

What are hamstrings muscles?

Of course, strains from normal running are generally not serious. The easiest way to cure it quickly is to use kinesiology tape hamstrings. Tape reduces swelling, improves circulation, supports muscles, relaxes them, and relieves pain. Therefore, secondary strains can be prevented and pain after thigh strains can be relieved.

If you accidentally pull a muscle, you can recover as quickly as possible with rest and the use of kinesiology tape hamstrings. Here is a good way to recommend everyone to use sports tape.

How to Put Kinesiology Tape Hamstrings?

First prepare two kinesiology tape hamstrings, as shown in the picture, the red mark is the position of the hamstring muscle, compare the size of the tendon with the hamstring muscle with your own leg, please see the video introduction below for details

What are hamstrings muscles?

Can Kinesiology Tape Be Reused?

The Kinesiology Tape cannot be pasted repeatedly. Under normal circumstances, the Kinesiology Tape will not peel off naturally, but after the Kinesiology Tape is removed, the stickiness will be greatly reduced, which will greatly affect its efficacy and cannot be reused.

After 24-36 hours of use, a new tape should be replaced. Even if the tape does not fall off, the elasticity of the patch will gradually weaken over time, and the effectiveness of the tape will also decrease. At present, most of the Kinesiology Tape available on the market are waterproof,If the tape gets wet, you can use a towel to absorb the moisture.

However, sweating is easy to cause substances to remain in the kinesiology tape, which is more likely to damage the properties of the gel or cause allergies. If you sweat a lot, it is recommended to apply a new kinesiology tape after cleansing the skin, so repeated use is not recommended.

How Athletic Tape Can Reduce Pain

kinesiology tape has its own stickiness, which can lift the wrinkled space of the skin after pasting, promote the circulation of blood and subcutaneous lymph, improve blood flow, help metabolism, relieve pain and edema, and promote healing.

kinesiology tape has good stretchability, and different stretching degrees can simulate the tension of different parts, thereby assisting the body to return to normal.

Simulates normal lymphatic, muscular tension in case of natural condition (straight fit); suitable for correcting fascia/support when “gently stretched”; suitable for support/prevents scarring when “lightly stretched” Produced; and “forced stretching” is often used to correct sports posture.

When the body suffers an injury, pressing the injured area with hands can relieve pain, and tape can replace hands to continuously provide pressure to the affected area, provide neural feedback, interfere with pain signals, and relieve pain.

Kinesiology tape hamstrings

What is kinesiology tape used for?

Help relieve sports injuries For pain and discomfort caused by Achilles tendonitis, ankle sprains, calf muscle strains, quadriceps stiffness, shoulder sprains, low back pain, plantar fasciitis, etc., kinesiology tape can provide effective relief A supportive effect that helps the body relieve discomfort and speed up the recovery process.

Improve sports performance Using kinesiology tape on joints or tendons can provide external support for parts that are not in the state, help delay fatigue and improve sports performance. At the same time, the kinesiology tape can provide enough pulling force to help the joints maintain normal activities, provide auxiliary stretching force for the tendons, and protect the body to avoid sprains and strains.

Posture correction In the case of full stretching, the kinesiology tape can provide sufficient contraction force, which can effectively correct posture when used on the back, shoulder and neck, and provide tactile reminders for people with poor posture.

where to buy athletic tape

It is relatively simple to buy kinesiology tape, and you can purchase it in a variety of ways. Although it is not difficult to buy, the quality you bought may not make you particularly satisfied with the effect of using it, so learn to distinguish and find the right one kinesiology tape are very important. Here I recommend aupcon brand kinesiology tape.

The kinesiology tape produced by this factory are very effective. They are suitable for helping to treat various parts of the body and can also play a very good role and auxiliary function, of course, the kinesiology tape is also a medical grade, so you don’t have to worry about the effect when using it. The factory supports large-volume shipments and can support multiple services such as customized samples. You can also contact for details Information.

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