5 Specific Uses for kinesiology tape sport

Some common uses for kinesiology tape include:

The promotion of kinesiology tape sport

kinesiology tape sport can be used to help improve muscle firing and contraction patterns. 3 This normalizes muscle tone and can also help improve athletic performance.

Inhibition and Pain Management

kinesiology tape can be used to help reduce pain and muscle spasms that may occur after an injury. 4 It can help reduce noxious input to the brain, which can help reduce muscle protection and protective spasms.

Support and stability

If your condition requires holding a specific joint in place, a kinesiology patch may be right for you. 2 Conditions such as patellofemoral stress syndrome, iliotibial band friction syndrome, or shoulder instability may benefit from the additional support provided by kinesiology tape sport. The tape supports your joints while still allowing some movement.

swelling management

If you have swelling due to injury or surgery, kinesiology tape sport can help reduce swelling by reducing the pressure between the skin and underlying tissue.

This provides a channel for excess fluid that builds up after an injury. kinesiology tape is sometimes used for lymphedema management or superficial contusions.

kinesiology tape sport

scar tissue management

After surgery or trauma, you may have scars on the injured area. Occasionally, the tissue beneath the scar will combine with your skin and the underlying fascia.

This scar tissue can limit your normal mobility and range of motion. kinesiology tape sport can be used to gently pull on scar tissue, providing a low-intensity, prolonged stretch to the firming collagen that makes up scar tissue.

explanation of sports tape from Wikipedia

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