Use Kinesiology Tape Lower Back to Relieve Back Soreness

Kinesiology tape lower back is a muscle tape used on the waist to relieve muscle pain. It is one of the most commonly used body tapes by physical therapists. It is an adhesive tape.

In today’s daily work and life, as time goes by, whether it’s athletes, manual workers, or office workers, the frequency of low back pain is increasing. Today, let’s have a brief and in-depth understanding of low back pain and its prevention measures

What is the lower back pain?

The lumbar muscle is located in the middle of the upper and lower body of the human body, and is the only muscle that connects the upper and lower parts of the human body. It is not only the stabilizing muscle of the human body, but also the main motor muscle of the human body.

When we sit incorrectly, it may cause changes in the physiological curvature of the lumbar spine. Over time, the muscles that maintain spinal stability increase the burden. Maintaining a sitting posture for a long time can cause tension in the muscles and fascia tissues of the lower back, leading to unbearable stress on the affected muscles and fascia tissues, resulting in injury and inflammation, and causing lower back pain.

To relieve low back pain, in addition to maintaining correct sitting posture and relaxing massage, you can also use kinesiology tape lower back.

lower back pain

The Cause of Lower back pain

Lower back pain is commonly referred to as muscle strain. Some of the most common causes of lower back pain include:

1. Poor posture

2. Sudden movements bring great pressure to the back

3. Lifting heavy objects, especially when they are twisted during lifting

4. Weightlifting or other sports activities that cause pressure on the lower back.

lower back pain

Symptoms of low back pain

Some lower back pain symptoms include:

1. Slight pain in the lower back

2. The burning pain from the lower back to the back of the thighs

3. Muscle cramps in the lower back and buttocks

4. Pain that worsens when standing or sitting for a long time

5. Difficulty standing upright while sitting

How to prevent lower back pain

The most important thing to prevent low back pain is to pay attention to strengthening waist strength exercises and maintaining correct sitting posture.Also note that:

1. Prevent dampness, cold, and getting cold

Don’t sleep casually in damp places. According to climate changes, add more clothes at any time. After sweating or getting wet, change wet clothes or dry the body in a timely manner.

2. During sports or strenuous activities

Be prepared for activities.

3. Correct poor working posture

For example, bending down too long or sitting on the desk too low. After sitting stiff for an hour, you need to change your posture. At the same time, a cushion with protrusions in the waist can be used to relieve pressure on the waist, which helps to avoid lumbar muscle strain. When carrying heavy objects, bend the chest and waist slightly forward, bend the hips and knees slightly, walk steadily, and do not take large steps.

4. Prevention of overwork

As the center of human movement, excessive fatigue in the waist inevitably leads to injury and lower back pain. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to both work and leisure in various tasks or labor.

In addition to these, you can also use kinesiology tape lower back to prevent, Kinesiology tape lower back will help you maintain a good sitting posture during use, because it is attached along a fixed direction, so it can be invisible affect your sitting posture. Sitting incorrectly can cause the tape to bend, and back discomfort can make you immediately think about sitting upright.

The effect of kinesiology tape lower back?

Kinesiology tape lower back is an ultra-thin breathable tape with elasticity, which has different widths, colors, and elasticity. It can be cut into different shapes according to needs and applied to the skin, muscles, and joints that need treatment. It can help muscles and joints make positive adjustments, playing a supporting and stabilizing role.The kinesiology tape produces pressure and tension on the skin, stimulates the mechanoreceptor, and promotes blood and lymph circulation. At the same time, it can significantly improve the angles of anterior, posterior extension, and lateral flexion of the lumbar spine, increase the range of motion of the lumbar joints, reduce pain, and increase proprioceptive input.

Kinesiology tape lower back

How to use kinesiology tape lower back?

Before starting to use, we first need to prepare kinesiology tape lower back and kinesiology tape scissors. If you do not have relevant experience, it is recommended to consult a professional for assistance.

tape scissors
tape scissors

Firstly, tilt the body forward slightly to keep the back muscles in a stretched state.

Tear open one end of the first kinesiology tape lower back and fix it in the lower position on the left side of the back. Stretch and extend the kinesiology tape lower back, following the direction of the back muscles, and attach it to the vertical spine muscles.

Similarly, fix the second kinesiology tape lower back to the lower right side of the back, follow the direction of the back muscles, stretch and extend the patch, attach it to the vertical spine muscles.

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5 4
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Fully extend the third kinesiology tape lower back, and horizontally attach it to the bottom of the two kinesiology tapes to ensure that the longitudinal kinesiology tapes maintain adhesion.

7 2

Where to purchase kinesiology tape lower back?

Kinesiology tape lower back are now very common,and there are many different brands and manufacturers. You can often see people using it in different scenarios.We usually have many channels to purchase, including offline channels such as hospitals, fitness centers, supermarkets, and physical therapy stores; Online purchase can be made on online platforms, such as Amazon, WalMart, Alibaba, etc. However, if you do not know the industry, you should identify professional manufacturers or suppliers, such as Aupcon, which is a brand manufacturer focusing on kinesiology tape, with strict quality control, good industry reputation and good customer reputation. If you are interested, you can learn and try it out~

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