What is a self adherent medical tape|self stick wound wrap

What is a self adherent medical tape

For the purpose of preventing sports injuries, emergency treatment, rehabilitation of sports injuries, prevention and recurrence of sports injuries, the use of self adherent medical tape is used to prevent the human body from exceeding the normal range of motion so as to protect the body (mainly joints, muscles, tendons). technology.

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Reasons to use a self adherent medical tape

Provides fixation and compression strength that fits the anatomy and physique (there is a bespoke fit)

1. It can fix joints and muscles more effectively (the effect can last 3-4 hours).

2. The self adherent medical tape is close to the skin, can correspond to the movements of the joints and muscles, and is not easy to fall off.

3. Good ultra-thinness and fit feeling are very important protective tools for the competitive sports of wearing sports shoes.

4. The type of bandage and the method of bandage are easy to master.

What is a self adherent medical tape?

1. Prevention of sports injuries

Protects and strengthens joints and muscles for the purpose of preventing sports injuries. It is one of the means to effectively protect vulnerable parts such as ankles, wrists and fingers.

2. Emergency treatment of sports injuries

Self adherent medical tape are used to compress and immobilize the injured area.

3. Prevent re-injury

Once injured areas are more likely to recur. sports tape cvs are used in order not to worsen and reduce the burden on the injured area.

The effect of self adherent medical tape

1. Limit the range of motion.

2. It can relieve pain.

3. The pressure can be increased in various parts according to the needs.

4. Artificial ligaments, artificial tendons.

5. Reduce the mental stress of athletes.

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