What Is Kinesiology Tape For Horses And How Will It Help Your Horse?

Kinesiology tape for horses is used in equestrian sports to help with the recovery from injury or pain so that horses can compete pain-free. Because horses are incredibly sensitive animals with a lot of delicate skin and bones that need to be cared for. When you take care of your horse, you should also take care of what goes on under the saddle – this includes caring for your horse’s digestive system, joints, and muscles.

What Is Kinesiology Tape For Horses?

Kinesiology tape for horses is a type of medical tape that is used to treat horses. It is made of stretchy fabric and is wrapped around the horse’s body to help support and stabilize the joints. Kinesiology tape can be used to treat problems with the neck, back, hips, and other areas of the horse’s body.

Benefits of Using Kinesiology Tape for Horses

Kinesiology tape for horses is a type of adhesive bandage that is often used by horse owners to help their horses recover from injury or surgery.

Benefits of using kinesiology tape for horses include:

1) Kinesiology tape helps to decrease the amount of pain your horse experiences.

2) Kinesiology tape can help to heal broken bones and tight muscles.

3) Kinesiology tape can help to reduce inflammation in the body.

How To Apply and Remove Kinesiology Tape For Horses

Kinesiology tape for horses is a type of medical tape that is often used to treat horses. This tape is made of a thin material that is wrapped around the horse’s body in a figure-8 shape. The tape is then secured in place with adhesive. Kinesiology tape can be used to help relieve pain and tension in muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

To use kinesiology tape on a horse, you will first need to apply the tape to the horse’s skin. You can either apply the tape directly to the area that you want to treat or you can place it over a bandage or dressing. Make sure that the area that you are treating is clean and dry before applying the tape.

Once the tape has been applied, you will need to remove it in the same way that you applied it. To do this, simply peel off the paper backing and adhesive and then pull the tape off of the horse’s skin. Make sure not to pull too hard on the tape or you may cause damage.

How Kinesiology Tape For Horses Can Help With Horse Care

Kinesiology tape can be helpful for many horse care tasks. It can be used to help support and stabilize muscles and joints during activities such as riding or jumping. It can also be used to treat symptoms of conditions such as shoulder dystocia or tendonitis. By using kinesiology tape regularly during horse care activities, you can help your horse feel better, perform his or her best, and be more comfortable. You can also use kinesiology tape to treat a variety of joint problems in horses. When used correctly, these tapes can help prevent many types of injuries that could otherwise lead to chronic pain and other problems such as lameness.

Kinesiology tape is made from a medical grade adhesive that you apply directly to the skin of your horse. This adhesive is made from a fiber that is similar to human tissue. It starts out in its natural state as a thin wispy fiber so it takes some time for the fibers to become sticky enough for you to use it on your horse’s skin. Depending on the brand and type of tape you purchase, it will specifically say how long it takes for it to become sticky enough for use.

Things to Consider Before Buying Kinesiology Tape For Horses

Kinesiology tape, also known as athletic tape or therapeutic tape, is a type of medical adhesive bandage that is used to treat a variety of injuries and conditions. It is most commonly used to help heal sports-related injuries, such as strains, sprains, and fractures. However, it can also be used to treat chronic pain and other medical conditions in horses.

Before using kinesiology tape on your horse, be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions and review the product’s safety information. Some things to consider before buying kinesiology tape include: the type of adhesive used (specially formulated for use on the skin), the size of the tape (to fit your horse’s body), and the durability of the tape (which will depend on the type of adhesive used).

Some common uses for kinesiology tape on horses include treating muscle strains and nerve compression, restoring range of motion after surgery or injury, correcting alignment problems after veterinary procedures such as cast removal or splinting, and helping manage chronic pain. Kinesiology tape can be applied by a veterinarian or by a horse owner/trainer themselves.


Kinesiology tape is a type of athletic tape that has been specifically designed to help horses. Kinesiology tape is made from an elastic polymer that helps to support and protect muscles and joints, while reducing inflammation and pain. Horses who use kinesiology tape tend to have improved joint movement, strength, endurance, and balance. If you’re looking for a way to help your horse stay healthy and perform at its best, kinesiology tape may be the answer.


1. Does kinesiology tape work on horses?

Yes, it can be used to reduce or control pain, manage swelling or oedema, increase joint range of motion and muscle function, and maintain a level of functionality and comfort for the horse throughout the rehabilitation process.

2. How long do you leave kinesiology tape on horses?

“Once you apply the tape to your horse, you’ll want to activate the adhesive by rubbing the tape with your hand.” Typically, you can leave the tape on your horse for up to five days, as long as it’s not beginning to peel.

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