kinesiology tape shoulder for shoulder injuries

How to apply kinesiology tape shoulder?

kinesiology tape shoulder are mainly tapes invented for joint and muscle pain. It is versatile and can be applied to almost every muscle and joint throughout the body. Especially for gravity-supported parts such as knees, shoulders, and ankles, you need to pay special attention to the method of sticking. So can the muscle tape really relieve scapula pain, ac joint pain and prevent dislocation?

The shoulder is one of the most important joints in the body. Many people experience shoulder swelling and soreness when they are overused. If left unprotected, shoulder mobility will become increasingly restricted. If you want to improve this situation, you need to use external force to stabilize the muscles around the deltoid, ac joint and scapula.

How to use kinesiology tape shoulder?

Step1. Prepare one scissor and 5cm muscle tape roll.

Step2. Relax shoulders. Measure the furthest distance from shoulder peak to deltoid.

Step3. Cut the muscle tape into Y shape and round the edges.

Step4. Pinned to the base of the deltoid. Then raise your arms slightly.

Step5. The bifurcated muscle tape is pasted along the periphery of the deltoid muscle with 50% stretch force.

Step6. Measure the furthest distance from the deltoid to the scapula.

Step7. Stretch and paste obliquely from the position of the deltoid muscle to the position of the scapula.

Step8. Rub the muscle tape several times to make it fit and not easy to fall off.

How To Apply Kinesiology Tape To Shoulder
How To Apply Kinesiology Tape Shoulder

Where to put kinesiology tape for ac joint?

Where is the AC joint? The AC joint is on the shoulder, so generally we use the kinesiology tape shoulder.

Where to put kinesiology tape for ac joint

Step1. Prepare 2 full strips and 2 half strips.

Step2. Stand with arm relaxed.

Step3. Stretch at 75% to keep 2 half strips in an x-shape centered at the ac joint.

Step4. Raise the arm to 30 degrees, fix one corner at the ac joint, and stick it to the deltoid and above the elbow.

Step5. Lift the arm back 30 degrees, from the ac joint to the deltoid to above the elbow.

Where to put kinesiology tape for ac joint?


  1. Do not touch the glue side.
  2. Remove the backing tape before all pasting.
  3. There is no stretching force when fixing a corner, it only plays a fixing role.
  4. Rub multiple times to make the raised edges more docile.

Can i use kinesiology tape for scapula pain

Can i use kinesiology tape for scapula pain?Of course, scapula pain can use kinesiology tape shoulder。Because the nerves of scapula and shoulder are connected together, and scapula pain is mainly caused by muscle fatigue caused by sitting or standing for a long time, kinesiology tape shoulder has a good effect on relieving muscle fatigue.

Can i use kinesiology tape for scapula pain

The scapula is one of the bony structures of the shoulder joint and plays an important supporting role in the upper body. The scapula is connected to the muscles that help complete the various activities of the shoulder joint and stabilize the position of the scapula. If there is a strain on the muscles that attach to the shoulder blade, it can cause symptoms such as pain, swelling, motor dysfunction, and limited mobility. 

If we have shoulder blade fatigue and soreness, we can try to use kinesiology tape shoulder to help stretch the surrounding muscles, help adjust posture, and relieve soreness. With sweat-absorbing and grease-absorbing fabrics, non-allergenic and skin-friendly glue, and ergonomic stretching strength, the muscle tape can be firmly attached to the muscles, coupled with professional physical therapy sticking methods, will have a relief effect. However, it cannot be understood that the medicine can completely cure you. Muscle tape can also play a preventive role in daily life.

Therefore, we should pay attention to protecting the scapula in daily life, and do warm-up exercises before exercising to avoid damage to the scapula, and avoid strenuous and large-scale activities or work. Avoid sitting for a long time in life, pay attention to adjusting the sitting posture, and maintain the normal function of the scapula.

Can i use kinesiology tape shoulder to prevent dislocation?

The shoulder is one of the important movable joints of the human body. There are many ways to apply the kinesiology tape on the shoulders. However, the more role of muscle stickers is to help relieve the fatigue and soreness of the muscles around the shoulders caused by long-term stretching. Its effect on the muscles will be more pronounced. It is especially friendly to workers and sports enthusiasts who maintain one posture for a long time. And shoulder dislocation, more joint damage, thus affecting joint movement. If you have abnormal muscle tension and limited joint movement, you should stop the activity immediately and consult a professional doctor.

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